About Us

Epssy Liker Is A Facebook Exchange Tool That Helps Users To Increase Likes, Comments, Followers etc On Their Facebook Posts, Photos & Profiles. It Works With The Facebook Graph API And Is One Of The Best & 100% Secure Facebook Exchange Tool.

Epssy Liker Makes Use Of The Following PHP Libraries In Its Backend:

  • cURLX - A PHP Multi cURL Wrapper - by ALex.
  • PHP OOP Input Handler - An Input Handler For PHP.
  • Epssy Liker Library - Epssy Liker's Basic Functions.
  • Meedo Database Library - The Lightest PHP Database Framework To Accelerate Development - by Angel Lai.
  • Output Minifier - A PHP Library For Minifying CSS, HTML & JS Files - by MechaCMS.
  • Google ReCaptcha Library - Google ReCaptcha PHP Library.
  • OOP Sessions - A Session Wrapper For PHP.

Epssy Liker's Frontend Makes Use Of The Following:

  • Bootstrap - A CSS Framework For Designing Responsive WebPages - by www.getbootstrap.com.
  • BootSwatch - Free BootStrap Templates - by Thomas Park
  • CloudFlare - A CDN For Websites.

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